About Us

Trubaker is a fashion apparel brand with the mission to promote and empower the African Continent. Through our design concepts based on African culture, heritage and history, we hope to give our customers the ability to self-express via the designs that they choose.

Self-expression, Simplicity and Cultural awareness are the keystones of TruBaker, and the brand caters to all who share our mission and vision.  Our wide range of designs are carefully conceptualized to fit the wearer’s mood, personal taste and fashion pedigree. Despite the main catchphrase of TruBaker : ‘IPromoteAfrica”, the brand has a plethora of concepts and designs to suit any wearer anywhere in the world. Our fashion apparel with its universal appeal, should have something to offer everyone.

                                           OUR STORY

Trubaker is a family owned fashion brand started in Ghana by the children of Kwesi and Amy Newman and run by the two eldest brothers of the sibling group of 8.  Although the brand did not release its first designs until the mid-2000s, the concepts for the brand, including its name traces back to the Newman’s beloved grandmother, Hannah Baker.  

The Trubaker designs are made with the desire to promote and empower Africa and include over 100 plus designs inspired by the Ghanaian upbringing of the lead designer Samuel Baker and the teachings of Grandma Baker.  Check out our website at Trubaker.com and follow us on Instagram at @trubaker.official to learn more about the brand and to see what’s up next for this family dynasty in the making.