About Us

Trubaker is an international B2C afrocentric fashion brand which mainly focuses on designing unisex casual outfits. It offers a range of afrocentric art printed T-shirts, crop tops, hooded sweatshirts, hooded crop tops, hooded jackets, as well as dress shirts. The Trubaker brand was started in December 2010 and has since heralded a mission to promote Africa with the catchphrase of the brand being “IPromoteAfrica”. The Trubaker design, made to promote and empower the afrocentric millennial and Gen Z, thrives on simplicity, self-expression, and cultural awareness. Our wide range of designs are carefully conceptualized to fit the wearer’s mood, personal taste, and fashion pedigree. The brand has churned out over 100 designs inspired by the Ghanaian upbringing of the two lead designers – Samuel Newman and Jeremiah Newman. The universal appeal of our fashion line offers options to every potential customer. So far, Trubaker sales extends beyond 57 countries and regions worldwide with a large sale share recorded to come from the USA, Europe, UK, Africa, Australia, and the UAE.